Fairfax County Domestic Violence Community

Information for Domestic Violence Professionals and Volunteers in Fairfax County, Virginia

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Legislation and Policy

2016 Family Abuse Final Protective Order Firearm Prohibition: Fairfax County Coordination memo 

Notice to Respondents of a Family Abuse Final Protective Order 

Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Child Custody Matters

Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) Safe Helpline Website and App – Sexual Assault Support for the DOD Community:  https://safehelpline.org/

Justice Department Announces Plan for Advancing Crime Victims’ Rights and Services in the 21st Century

Roll Call Videos for Law Enforcement on U Visa Certification and T Visa Endorsement – “Blue Campaign: Law Enforcement Discussion of Immigration Relief”  See the National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project  for more information and resources.

Law Enforcement Guide to Safety and Economic Security for Victims of Violence Against Women

Prosecutors Guide to Safety and Economic Security for Victims of Violence Against Women Wider Opportunities for Women

Frequently Asked Questions about the Change in the UCR Definition of Rape  FBI Uniform Crime Report

FVPSA Fact Sheet on the Affordable Care Act

Fact Sheet on Refugees and the Affordable Care Act

2014 Legislative Update for Law Enforcement (compilation of new laws from the VA Department of Criminal Justice Services)

Office of the Attorney General’s 2014 Legislative Update – New Laws Related to Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking

Standing Up for Women’s Civil Rights, 20 Years After VAWA(White House Fact Sheet)

Department of Justice’s new Elder Justice Initiative website

Police Department’s Use of the Lethality Assessment Program: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation

Enforcing Domestic Violence Firearm Provisions: A Report on Promising Practices

Domestic Violence and Firearms policy summary

What is the Violence Against Women Act?

Establishing Penetration in Sexual Assault Cases (Aequitas issue brief)

Key Elements of Effective Policy Addressing Campus Sexual Violence (Action Alliance)

Wisconsin Addresses Firearms Surrender (BWJP)

Surrender, Storage, and Return of Firearms in CPO Cases: The Wisconsin Project (BWJP presentation)

Virginia Judicial Workload Assessment Report discussed at our last DV Network meeting

Intimate Partner Violence: Attributes of Victimization (1993-2011) Bureau of Justice Statistics