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DVFRT: Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

The Fairfax County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who meet regularly to review the facts and circumstances surrounding all intimate partner homicides and homicide-suicides in Fairfax County, with the aim of diminishing the likelihood of future intimate partner fatalities.  The mission of the DVFRT is to identify the circumstances leading up to intimate partner homicides and homicide-suicides; determine indicators that prompt early identification, intervention, education, and prevention efforts in similar cases; and improve communication in and between all systems that serve persons involved in domestic violence in an effort to diminish the likelihood of future intimate partner homicides.

Fairfax County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team 2013 Annual Report

The Fairfax County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) has released its 2013 Annual Report. The report reveals the findings and recommendations from the DVFRT's review of 2010 domestic violence-related homicides in Fairfax County. Highlights of the report include:

  • In 2010, domestic violence was the leading cause of homicide in Fairfax County (7 of 16 total homicides, 44%). 
  • Four (57%) of the domestic violence-related homicides involved a firearm as the fatal agent. Two (29%) of the homicides involved strangulation.
  • One murder (14%) involved two children who were present (within the vicinity of the murder) during the homicide.  Another murder involved a child who was killed by her father after the father had killed her mother.   
  • Four of the seven homicides (57%) involved bystanders – people whom either directly heard threats to kill or knew about ongoing violence in the relationship but felt they could not intervene. 

Download the DVFRT 2013 Annual Report.

DVFRT 2016 Five-Year Report